My name is Snježana, and I am well known as a professional narrator for Slavic languages & localization manager. I have built a recognizable personal brand throughout years of consistent work in the audio industry.

But, that is only a tiny intro to my storytelling...


I founded Publica Language Studio s.p. in 2006 when our voiceover industry was expanding early. Until then, I worked as a radio presenter on local radio stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

However, I wanted my talent and the talents of my colleagues to be heard beyond our borders. Therefore, I founded a voiceover agency Publica Language Studio s.p., to gather the best voices from the ex-YU region and beyond. In a short period, we gained the trust of corporate clients worldwide, and we worked on large and complex projects for years. In a way, we were pioneers in remote audio work.

Today there are 120 voice talents in our roster, covering 40 languages!

Although nearly 4000 projects are in our portfolio, we are delighted with each new job. Together we learn a lot from it about specific industries, innovations, brands, and customer support. After 16 years, we are honored to still serve international & domestic businesses in their content localization for different markets, audiences, and niches.


Therefore, if we wish to last, everything comes down to exploring with excellence & integrity. So, I believe in the following success formula:

"Business = People To People"

Do we share the same values? If yes, I will be glad if you decide to be one of our happy clients. Welcome on board!


Snježana Udovičić
Professional narrator & General manager
Publica Language Studio s.p.



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